Dollar Cost Averaging Approach to Investing

Published by Stephen Pagliaroli on Apr 23, 2020

During these unprecedented times, many investors tend to experience a high level of stress. Those who are attempting to time the market are likely finding it to be a daunting task. Some investors approaching retirement are left contemplating whether there...

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Is Your Life Insurance Valid if You Die While Traveling Abroad?

Published by DA Marketing on Apr 20, 2020

Traveling abroad or living abroad is a new normal for many people, but what happens if the traveler dies while off Canadian soil? Will the life insurance be valid and payout to beneficiaries?...

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Today’s women are more educated and have more significant job opportunities compared to previous generations....

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Is Retirement Really About Numbers?

Published by DA Marketing on Apr 17, 2020

For some people retirement is all about the numbers; the age you plan to retire, how much money you need, and so forth.  We have built our planning processes in financial services based on numbers and algorithms in financial planning software......

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Coronavirus and The Markets: What You Need to Know

Published by DA Marketing on Apr 13, 2020

With coronavirus (COVID-19) all around us, investors may be wondering how their investments will fare as this ‘global pandemic’ spreads....

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Reflect, Reset, Rebalance Your Life

Published by DA Marketing on Apr 01, 2020

Not everyone experiences a life-changing event in their lifetime, one that impacts them for better or worse. As we continue to experience the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnesses to our own experiences...

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Climate Change and Finance: Are They Connected?

Published by DA Marketing on Mar 25, 2020

Over the past ten thousand years, the Earth’s climate has remained stable. Today, we know through science and research that climate change is happening....

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The term HENRY (High Earners Not Rich Yet) refers to individuals who have the potential to become wealthy in the future because of their income....

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Financial Planning and Living Globally

Published by DA Marketing on Mar 01, 2020

The past 100 years have seen changes in how people plan for their financial futures and how they live. Borders no longer restrict people from living in one country; their profession often takes them to parts of the world they never anticipated....

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The Role of Asset Protection for Your Investments

Published by Stephen Pagliaroli on Feb 05, 2019

 Without proper protection your investments and assets can face premature liquidation. Insurance in its many forms serves to offset risk, whether it’s health insurance, homeowners insurance........

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